Cooking with NEFF

Cooking with NEFF
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NEFF Recipes

Food for thought - NEFF Recipes

The recipes, you're about to discover, could lead to serious cravings, so we advise to have a pen ready for your shopping list. There are hearty meat and elegant vegetarian dishes, tempting desserts and comforting breakfast ideas - inspired by people who grow, nurture and source wonderful produce. And collected for all those who love good food and are always on the lookout for new inspiration.

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There are lots of ways to get cooking with NEFF. Delve into our kitchen stories, where passionate foodies from all over Europe spill their cookery beans. Or get some inspiration from our NEFF Chefs. We also reveal some of our favourite recipes, for you to try at home. Whatever you choose, it’s certain to be a delicious experience.

Learn with the pros - NEFF Cooking School

NEFF Classes and Events

Want to learn more about NEFF? By joining one of our NEFF Classes or Events, you can explore our appliances first-hand and receive valuable advice from our knowledgeable staff.

We have a range of cooking demonstrations and exciting events for our customers to immerse themselves in. Check out our upcoming classes and events, and book in for some inspiration that leaves a mark on improving your lifestyle.

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Learn with the pros - NEFF Cooking School

NEFF Kitchen Stories

Cooks are our inspiration. We share their love for great, nutritious food and their curiosity to explore new ways to bring delicious meals to the table. Our Kitchen Stories are about the people who grow, nurture and source wonderful produce: their food feeds our passion to make cooking so enjoyable. Bon appetit.

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NEFF Cooking Events

NEFF Chefs

We invited six people to dinner, six NEFF Chefs, to make six courses using NEFF appliances. Centred in the kitchen and around the table, we cooked and ate with NEFF using fresh ingredients and adding our unique NEFF Chefs twist to serve a meal for all to enjoy.

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