Eggs Benedict À La NEFF



3 English muffins (see recipe)
1 portion Sauce Hollandaise (see recipe)
1 ripe avocado
1 small mango
1 tbsp lime juice
lime zest
2 tbsp chopped chives
salt, freshly ground black pepper
Piment d’espelette (or Paprika)
6 eggs
2 tbsp white wine vinegar
6 slices serrano ham


Prepare Sauce Hollandaise as described. Peel mango and avocado, dice the fruit flesh. Mix avocado, mango and chives in a small bowl. Season with lime juice, lime zest, salt, black pepper and piment d’espelette (or Paprika). Select the ‘keep warm’ oven setting.

Halve the English muffins and roast the halves in a non-stick saucepan or toaster and spread butter on the toasted sides.

Melt a bit of butter in a saucepan and briefly fry the ham, then place it on the muffin and garnish it with a teaspoon of the avocado-mango mix.

Keep warm in your oven.

Poach eggs: Boil up 2 litres of water and vinegar, reduce heat until it simmers. Open eggs in a cup each. Stir water with a spoon until you create a whirl that keeps the egg white tighter which makes it cover the egg yolk more quickly. Place the eggs quickly into the simmering water. Use a spoon to cover the yolks with the egg whites. Cook for just under four minutes and remove with a perforated ladle.

Allow to drain on kitchen paper.

Place poached eggs on the prepared muffins, garnish with a dollop of Sauce Hollandaise and sprinkle with piment d’espelette (or Paprika). Serve the remaining sauce hollandaise in a saucer.

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