Built for passionate cooks

Built for passionate cooks

Bake, grill or steam - our ovens are made to make the most out of your cooking ideas. The CircoTherm hot air system puts even more possibilities at your fingertips.

Our ovens - more room for your ideas

If you're into cooking, the oven is a quintessential part of what you love. Our oven range enables you the enjoy your very own cooking experience. Steam, Slide&Hide, CircoTherm, compact or built-in ovens with innovative features let you cook up almost anything you can think of.

Single Ovens

Our Single Ovens - versatile kitchen companions

If you need an appliance that complements your cooking style, look no further than our single ovens range. They come with innovations like our unique CircoTherm hot air system, which lets you bake and roast dishes on up to 4 levels simultainlously and everything will come out tasting like it’s supposed to. Looking for even more to try out? Expand your knowledge and experience a different taste - choose between VarioSteam or FullSteam, and enjoy the advantages of steam cooking. After you're done, the oven will take care of the cleaning with the pyrolytic self-cleaning cycle: after activating it, you just have to wipe the oven clean with a cloth.

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Steam Ovens

Our Ovens with FullSteam - allrounders for all your ideas

Delicious food: Our steam ovens range makes it easier to turn your ideas into reality. Enjoy features such as FullSteam steam assistance, that cooks food moist on the inside and crisp on the outside. Plus these ovens come with a range of up to 15 baking methods from grilling through to dough warming.

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Our Microwave Ovens - whip up delicacies

Our Microwave Ovens - whip up delicacies

Even if you're into cooking, you might not always find the time to prepare a full-blown meal. This is where our ovens with built-in microwaves come into play. Combining our innovative ovens with the convenience of a microwave, they allow for a practical and quick way of preparing dishes. These ovens are great for heating ready meals, cooking from frozen or defrosting food at any time.

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