installation accessory Z8200X1 17001485

Technical Specifications

Product description
  • The CleanAir high performance odour filter is specifically optimized for all cooking applications and has an odour reduction rate of up to 85% and a lifetime of approximately 1 year.
  • Optimized for quick and flexible installation in all common cabinetry. (Minimum plinth height: 100mm)
  • Includes:
    3 horizontal adapter elements (40mm, 80mm, 120mm) for worktop depths from 600mm to 750mm, upper 90° diverter element, flexible telescopic element (for additional height, depth and lateral adjustability), 4 height adapter elements (50mm each) for cabinetry corpus heights from 675mm to 900mm, housing element for cleanAir filter drawer casette (optionally 180° reversible), cleanAir high performance odor filters, lower 90° diverter with air outlet (optionally 180° reversible), adaptve air diffusor element, element for fixation onto bottom panel of cabinetry.


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Line Drawing

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