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One oven – two cleaning systems


Despite extremely high temperatures, Slide&Hide ovens can also take advantages of pyrolytic self-cleaning. When pyrolytic self-cleaning is activated, food residue from baking, roasting and grilling is reduced to ash at high tempreatures. Once the oven has cooled, you simply wipe away the ash with a cloth. This cleaning process requires no chemical cleaning agents. In addition, all pyrolytic ovens are equipped with NEFF's energy-saving EasyClean cleaning aid.

The Only Oven with the disappearing door

The Only Oven with the disappearing door

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We have a fantastic range of ovens in our collection, featuring a host of features, like the unique Slide&Hide oven door and Pyrolytic Cleaning.

There is an oven to suit your cooking needs and kitchen design.

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Slide&Hide Pyrolytic ovens with Variosteam

Our VarioSteam feature gives dishes just the right amount of moisture, for baking, roasting or just heating up. Food comes out perfectly succulent and tender, with a more intense flavour and an appetising appearance. While you cook, you can get closer to your creations thanks to our Slide&Hide oven door, which smoothly tucks beneath the oven. And once your meal is cooked, the Pyrolytic function blasts spillages at a high temperature to be wiped away.



Get closer to your cooking.

Our Slide&Hide door fits smoothly under the oven to provide plenty of room, as well as better access to the 71 litre cavity – ensuring an easy and flexible approach to cooking. With the added advantage of a smoother closing mechanism to cushion the final movement, the Slide&Hide door is safe, stylish and convenient.

Slide: When you open and close the oven door, the revolutionary handle rotates to give you a firm grip.

Hide: When open, the fully retractable oven door disappears completely under the oven cavity, giving you unobstructed access to your cooking space.


Simultaneous cooking on multiple levels.

With CircoTherm you can cook, roast and bake completely different dishes on different levels in the oven, with no intermingling of flavours. Each dish will come out tasting and smelling like it’s supposed to, whether that’s roast beef or raspberry muffins.


Comfortable and flexible access to your cooking.

There’ll be no more balancing acts with our ComfortFlex Rails, which slide out to give you comfortable, safe and flexible access to your cooking. Simply grip the tray or dish from the side for more safety when lifting out hot dishes from the oven.

NEFF Light

Bright and brilliant.

With NeffLight food is always visible without having to open the oven door, providing bright and effective lighting on all four cooking levels. Most ovens have an internal lighting system, but when cooking, shelves and pans can reduce the effectiveness of the light. NeffLight brightly illuminates even the farthest corner of the oven using LED bulbs. A special prism in the oven door distributes the light evenly at all levels, for a perfect view.

Baking and Roasting Assistant

Even the best sometimes need a little help.

This innovative assistant makes preparing a variety of dishes even easier and more convenient. For each one, the Baking and Roasting Assistant serves up a cooking suggestion at the touch of a button. It also recommends the ideal heating mode, temperature and time, to ensure perfect results. The Baking and Roasting Assistant even keeps you informed of the time remaining. Naturally, you can change all of the suggestions to give your dishes a personal touch.


A full function oven and steamer in one.

Our FullSteam ovens combine all the heating functions of a conventional oven with those of a steam cooker. Use FullSteam to create succulent dishes with intense flavour and an appetising appearance, or enjoy a better way to regenerate food without losing colour or nutrition. It's easy to operate and also simple to refill the concealed one litre water container – press a button to open the front panel, remove the container, fill it and you're ready to steam ahead.


Intense flavours using FullSteam.

For a dish that brings out the intense flavour of your best ingredients, vacuum-seal your meat, fish and vegetables in an airtight plastic bag and cook it using our new Sous-vide heating mode. Available in a range of our FullSteam ovens, this mode keeps the steam at a constant low temperature for longer, maintaining the moisture and texture of your food without overcooking it.


Innovative steam assistance.

VarioSteam gives dishes just the right amount of moisture by adding steam alongside HotAir cooking, perfect for baking and roasting. Three intensity levels provide everything you need to create crustier breads and crisper, juicier roasts. Foods come out with more intense flavour and an appetising appearance.


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