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Browse NEFF's range of cleaning and care products. They have all been tried and tested to make your appliance run perfectly, ensuring it will perform whenever you need it.

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Say goodbye to scales

Say goodbye to scales

Dealing with hard water's easy when you know how. Our NEFF store offers descaling products that are tested, and have been proven to work with your NEFF appliances. Time to say goodbye to those scales and hello to clean, clear water.

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Let every surface shine

Let every surface shine

Want to get the best out of your appliances? Well, there's no way around cleaning we're afraid. Thankfully, NEFF's cleaning and care products are designed to clean with minimum effort and leave your appliances sparkling inside and out.

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Keep your coffee machine factory fresh

Keep your coffee machine factory fresh

Want to make coffee that fills the room with fresh, nutty aromas and tastes great too - every time? Then it's important to know how to care for your machine properly. Coffee machines are complex bits of kit, and having the right cleaning products on hand really helps.

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Keep your appliances well hydrated

Keep your appliances well hydrated

You can only perform when you're hydrated, and appliances are no different. If you want your appliances to perform at their best, we highly recommend using water filters. They keep everything clean, and make sure that the water is always machine friendly.

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Help and Support

Everything on maintenance and trouble-shooting as well as cleaning and repairing your NEFF appliance can be found in this section.

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Instruction Manuals

Our manuals provide you with useful details for setting up and using your NEFF appliance.

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